LBT-473 Heavy Duty Emissions


This program will give professional heavy duty technicians the knowledge to work on and diagnose exhaust aftertreatment systems.

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This course will take the mystery out of exhaust aftertreatment systems. Covering: NOx, EGR Valves and Coolers, Temperature and pressure sensors, Hydrocarbon Doser, DEF Fluid Doser, NOX sensor, DOC, DPF, SCR, CAC, VGT, DEF Quality, Tank manifold, Heater lines, ETC. We will tie all of the components together with hands-on, real world tests and diagnosis.


  • Turbo Overview and Diagnostics
  • DPF System
  • NOx Sensors
  • DEF Storage and Pump
  • Fuel Condition
  • And much more

Course Objectives:

  • What is NOX?
  • Why do we use EGR?
  • What causes a unit to constantly require regenerations.

Runtime = 72 minutes
Credit Hours = 3.25

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