LBT-467 Modern Lighting


This course takes a look at lighting systems technology found on a variety of modern vehicles.  Terminology components and diagnostic procedures are presented as well as general headlight aiming procedures and DOT regulations. Also included is a section on headlight control systems which illustrates the complexity design used by late model vehicles.

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Headlights have been a part of automobiles back to the beginning when lanterns were used as headlights. Headlights serve one main purpose which is to illuminate the road. Headlight bulbs have evolved from simple filaments to complex HID, LED, and laser designs. Headlights must provide enough light at highway speeds to ensure the safety of the driver but at the same time cannot blind oncoming traffic. Nanotechnology has led to LED micromirror designs that were not possible in the earlier years of the automobile. This course will explore new headlight designs, and break down the differences between Candelas, lumens, watts, Kelvin, and pixels. This course covers generic headlight aiming procedures and DOT regulations. We have also included a section on headlight control systems which illustrates the complex design used in late model vehicles.


  • Modern Lighting Overview
  • Modern Lighting/Adaptive Headlights
  • Modern Lighting Testing
  • Modern Lighting Controls
  • Aiming Headlights
  • Diagnostics

Course Objectives:

  • Define the difference between candela, lumens, lux, and kelvin temperature
  • Measure light output with a Lux meter
  • Determine the difference between HID, LED, laser, and halogen lights
  • Recognize the difference between projector and reflector lights
  • Identify all the different adaptive lighting features

Runtime = 57 minutes
Credit Hours = 1.75

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