LBT-402 Modern Mysteries of Fuel Injection


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This course, “Modern Mysteries of Fuel Injection,” is another installment of popular automotive instructor Ron Bilyeu’s series on vehicle diagnostics and repair. Ron’s presentation goes back to his first presentation at AVI on fuel injection and brings a modern outlook on fuel injection technologies to the diagnostic technician.

In the presentation, Ron will visit all the tips and tricks he has taught over the years on fuel injection systems, the enhancement in the systems that have taken place, and a detailed look at gasoline direct injection technologies. The class will also offer demonstrations of hands-on diagnostic procedures, including fuel pressure testing and low-pressure stress tests.

At the end of this session, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the history of fuel injection and the progression of fuel injection system technologies
  • Describe the different triggers that are used by injection systems to fire injector pulses
  • List the different types of signals, analog and digital, on injection systems and how they can be converted
  • Highlight the different injection modes
  • Show knowledge of air flow calculations as they relate to injection systems and sensors
  • Define the capabilities of the Mass Air Sensor
  • List and understand the different injection modes
  • Outline the different configurations of fuel pumps and how they operate
  • Explain diagnostic techniques for fuel pressure testing
  • Recall the duties of the fuel pump and its components
  • Compile knowledge on the high-pressure fuel rail and its components
  • Analyze the different fuel testing methods available today

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