LBT-294 Diagnosing OEM Vehicle Theft Deterrent Systems with Dave Hobbs


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Dave Hobbs has some news for you on factory theft systems.  Honda, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota theft systems are covered in depth in this video.  You’ll learn about how each of the various systems operate and are incorporated into the normal running scenario of today’s cars, as well as the diagnostics processes you’ll need to know. Vehicle theft systems are part of today’s vehicles and sooner or later you’ll run into a no-start condition that is related to the immobilizer system in a particular vehicle. This video covers all of this and more.  It’s not all that secretive, but it is not the kind of information that you’ll find in most diagnostic manuals.

That information is part of this video and you’ll be glad you invested the time!

Passing up a repair because it has something to do with the factory theft system is money your shop is passing up on.  AVI’s Dave Hobbs has the answers to those questions you’ve always asked about factory theft systems.  Learn about the various types of theft systems used in today’s cars and how to diagnose them, and the equipment needed.  From the transponder to programming the theft systems is covered.

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