LBT-437 Diesel Scope Diagnostics


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Course Description:

Diesel engines are becoming more and more common. Effective servicing requires the tools and knowledge to properly diagnose and repair diesel powered vehicles.  This hands-on course with AVI instructor Tom Rayk covers several popular scopes and new methods for technicians to quickly diagnose diesel issues.

Topics Covered:

  • Different types of scopes
  • Scope overview and functions
  • Generic Scope information
  • How to verify issues with scope
  • What tool to use for various diagnostics and when it’s quicker to use a scope
  • Specific testing procedures
  • Using a scope to diagnose typically undetectable issues

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

1. Perform Relative Compression testing with voltage at DLC

2. Perform Relative Compression testing using high or low amp clamp

3. Use crank case pressure testing to determine ring or piston issue

4.  Use cam/crank sync as diagnostic tools

5. Perform MAF/MAP/Baro sensor testing

6. Use sent signal testing & diagnostics

7. Perform injector testing for no start & misfire

8. Perform sensor & actuator substitution

9. Conduct quick testing for:

    • Starting/Charging
    • CAN Bus
    • Duty Cycle Testing



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