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Master critical heavy-duty systems with this comprehensive training bundle, covering Airbrakes, Suspension, Electrical systems, Air conditioning, and Diagnostics, providing essential knowledge for proficient maintenance on heavy-duty trucks.

ASE Test Prep T-Series Bundle

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Introducing our Heavy Duty Training Bundle, created to equip professionals in the automotive industry with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their field. This comprehensive training bundle encompasses a range of top-tier products tailored specifically for heavy-duty vehicle diagnostics and repair.


ASE-T4 Medium/Heavy Duty Brakes

The ASE Test Prep class covers in detail the Extensive Air Brake System, Hydraulic System, Drum Brake, Disc Brake, Parking Brake, Power Assist Unit, Anti-Lock Brake/Automatic Traction Control Systems, and […]

ASE-T5 Medium/Heavy Truck Suspension & Steering

Included in this edition of ASE-T5 Suspension & Steering Test Prep course are details on Steering System Diagnosis And Repair; Suspension System Diagnosis And Repair; Wheel Alignment Diagnosis, Adjustment And […]

ASE-T6 Medium Duty Heavy Duty Electrical and Electronic Systems

The ASE-T6 certification course is a comprehensive presentation by some of the top electrical technicians in the world from Bosch, Midtronics and Delphi. It is designed to train you how […]

ASE-T7 Medium/Heavy Truck Service Heating and Air Conditioning

The ASE-T7 certification program insures you have a full understanding on the topic of Truck Refrigeration System, Heating System, Engine Cooling System, and Manual and Automatic Control System diagnostic information, […]

LBT-416 Talking Trucks – What You Need to Know About Diesel Fuels

Step by step diesel system testing, diagnostics, and repairs will be demonstrated and discussed, teaching the technician methods to test all diesel fuel systems.

LBT-437 Diesel Scope Diagnostics

Course Description: Diesel engines are becoming more and more common. Effective servicing requires the tools and knowledge to properly diagnose and repair diesel powered vehicles.  This hands-on course with AVI […]

LBT-468 Dodge Cummins Diesel 6.7L Update

Learn about what’s new with 6.7 Cummins engines as of 2019. This course will cover key areas that were changed, and what makes diagnosing and servicing them different along with […]

LBT-472 Cummins Insight & Quick Serve Diagnostics

This course demonstrates the key features of Cummins Insite and QuickServe and how to use them to efficiently diagnose and repair Cummins diesel engines.   Cummins Insite performs engine diagnostics and […]

LBT-473 Heavy Duty Emissions

This course will take the mystery out of exhaust aftertreatment systems. Covering: NOx, EGR valves and Coolers, Temperature and pressure sensors, hydrocarbon doser, DEF fluid doser, NOX sensor, DOC, DPF, […]

LBT-480 Duramax L5D

Expand your diesel engine diagnostics with our new Duramax L5D course! Explore topics like Turbochargers, CAT, DPF, MAP Sensors, ECT Sensors, SCR Reset Precheck, and additional topics. Gain the HD […]

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