LBT-374 Delphi Technologies Training Series: Variables of A/C Compressors



ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST – Delphi Technologies will help the advanced service technician learn to more accurately diagnose variable displacement compressors in this informative training program on automotive air conditioning.  Senior Delphi Technologies instructor Dave Hobbs will explain compressor diagnostics with a scan tool and specialty A/C test equipment to help you go beyond the DTC trouble trees when encountering difficult A/C problems.

Topics Covered

  • Variable Displacement Compressor Control Valves
    • Pressure Controlled Displacement Valves
    • Solenoid Controlled Displacement Valves
  • Advanced A/C Diagnostic Techniques
    • Pressure Testing Tips
    • Temperature Testing Tips
  • In-depth Variable Displacement Compressor Diagnostics
    • Scan Tool Compressor Displacement Control Solenoid PIDs
    • Specialty Tool Displacement Control Solenoid Activation

Course Objectives

This course will assist the professional service technician to:

  • Understand variable displacement compressor operation and diagnostics
    • Increase their knowledge beyond simply reading gauge pressures
    • Better utilize their scan tool to diagnose compressor related issues
    • Learn to activate variable displacement compressor solenoids in their diagnostic process


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