The Common, But Modern, Chassis


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Have you looked under a car recently and wondered why there seems to be more control arms than you’re used to or noticed that the steering rack is electro-mechanical now? That rack could have been missing the hydraulic pump for a lot of Manufacture since 2004.  Did you notice electric motors at the rear calipers?

Take three hours and ensure you’re up to speed on today’s chassis systems, and understand the correlation between this system and electro-mechanical parts. ZF has developed and produced chassis systems for many OEMs. The high percentage of OE business allows technicians to go on a deep dive into why control arm counts are increasing and learn how to interpret fault codes and steering data in order to properly diagnose and service chassis systems. The participant will get an understanding about new brake technology like, Brake booster, Electric Park Brake and what is special on brake systems for electric vehicles. On top of this the Instructor will touch base on ADAS technology and will explain the influence of the suspension systems towards this technology. This class will bring you up to speed on new Chassis, ADAS and Brake Technology.

After completing this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe components within the suspension system
  • Explain different chassis angles and angle settings
  • Differentiate between popular chassis systems
  • Describe a multi-link suspension system
  • Explain how to control bump steering
  • Identify electric steering systems
  • Describe common failures related to the suspension in steering systems
  • Identify different driver assist functions and their operations
  • Describe functions and impacts of radar and camera systems
  • Show basic settings of radar and camera systems
  • List braking components and their functions
  • Describe common brake pads installation errors
  • Explain electrical park brake systems
  • Describe proper mechanical release of electrical brake system
  • List braking components and their functions
  • Explain assistance based emergency braking
  • Identify noise issues
  • Diagnose brake systems and errors