LBT-389 AFV Towing Safety


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A variety of factors in today’s transportation arena are making alternative fuel vehicles more common on our nation’s roadways. With increased vehicle use, the chance of these new technologies being involved in a vehicular accident also increases.

This course helps participants learn the concerns, differences, and proper procedures to follow when towing an alternative fuel vehicle. The vehicle types covered in this course include electric drive, propane, natural gas, biodiesel, and ethanol.

The subjects covered in this course include:

  • Understand the properties of the alternative fuel, including each vehicle’s unique components.
  • Recognize the proper personal protective equipment required for the tow operator.
  • Be aware of how to identify each type of alternative fuel vehicle from its more conventionally powered counterparts.
  • Identify the methods and procedures for alternative fuel vehicle fuel spills.
  • Understand how to properly shut down and disable an alternative fuel vehicle.
  • Know standard towing operations for each vehicle type.

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