LBT-392 F.R.E.D. Masters the Web

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I.T. Skills for the Modern Repair Shop with Dave Hobbs


This course, “F.R.E.D, Masters the Web,” is a continuation of the popular Dave Hobbs series on “Frustrating, Ridiculous, Electronic Devices” in covering computer-based recommendations for the automotive technician. Dave’s presentation will present not only on the computer scan tool and flashing recommendations for both OEM and aftermarket software but also offer extensive information on the varied J tool options available. This course will also cover other computer-based recommendations beyond scan tools, such as web resources, technical service bulletins, social media, OEM web sites, and vehicle-specific message boards.

At the end of this session, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the common uses for computers in the automotive shop
  • Show how to get the most out of your Electronic Service Information (ESI)
  • Define what “Right to Repair” stands for
  • Describe what the OEM Memorandum of Understanding outlines
  • List the different social media resources available for technicians
  • Summarize the J2534 tool options available to the technician
  • Underline the concerns for good cybersecurity
  • Categorize essential tips for using ESI systems
  • Illustrate the common data the technician can expect to find in ESI systems
  • Recall the advantages of both aftermarket and factory ESI system
  • State the importance of ADAS information in ESI
  • Demonstrate knowledge of essential web resources for the technician
  • Understand the importance of locksmith credentials
  • Show the importance of vehicle module flashing and the proper procedures to follow
  • Define Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) and why they are important
  • Describe the importance of diagnostic computer hardware capabilities
  • Recall the process for multiple scan tools on one computer
  • List cybersecurity best practices when working with OEM tools

Runtime: 171 minutes

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