AVI Live Webinar: GM High Performance Tips and Techniques



Archived Webinar – Horsepower starts with increasing airflow into the engine.  From the Air Filter Assembly to the Intake Valve we will cover tips and tricks.  Some are parts and pieces that we have tested and utilized over the years to see fantastic results in making power;

Once you have maximized air flow you have to have a method of adding fuel. Pump Injectors and/or programming maybe options for you depending on your build.  To put the air in you have to have an efficient way of getting the exhaust out.  Short Tube Headers, Long Tube Headers, High Flow Cats, and Catback exhaust systems to match your build.  We help you form a recipe for horsepower so that you are getting the best bang for the buck   Don’t miss this cool webinar about GM High Performance!

Original Air Date – May 8, 2020


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