Tech Tip: TPMS Liabilities

March 25, 2017

Just what is your shop’s liability regarding the TPMS service light? In this tech tip from LBT-277: Making Money Servicing TPMS, instructor Karl Schneider reminds techs and shop owners the legal requirements when it come to TPMS service repairs.


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Making Money Servicing TPMS
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Making Money Servicing TPMS

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This course, presented by Karl Schneider, covers everything you need to know about TPMS. Karl covers the shop’s legal responsibilities that come with TPMS and how to avoid expensive ramifications. He goes over the three types of sensors you will encounter, how to diagnose and service these types. As a wrap-up, Karl conducts some hands-on case studies that will have you feeling confident in your knowledge of properly servicing TPMS.

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