Key & Immobilizer Tech Tips

Honda Immobilizer Systems
AVI instructor Dave Hobbs discusses no-start issues related to immobilizer problems.

Toyota Smart Key Systems
AVI instructor Dave Hobbs gives detailed information on Toyota Smart Key systems and some tips on key fob issues.

Toyota PCM/Immobilizer Systems
AVI instructor Bill Fulton explains that replacing the PCM on many Toyota vehicles requires new keys to be programmed.

Chrysler Anti-Theft Case Study
An intermittent no-start and how it relates to an aftermarket radio installation is discussed in this case study presented by AVI instructor Dave Hobbs.

Toyota Smart Key System Troubleshooting Part 1
In part 1, the module communication of the Toyota Smart Key System is explained from the moment it sees a key fob signal.

Toyota Smart Key System Troubleshooting Part 2
This follow-up to part 1 shows you the processes that should happen if a Toyota Smart Key System is functioning properly, and what to look at if it isn’t.

GM PK3 Systems & Parasitic Draw
John Forro explains reprogramming the theft module and covers things to keep in mind with the PK3 system which can drain the car battery if left in the ignition lock cylinder.

Proximity Sensor Issues & Testing
John Forro explains how proximity sensors work and communicate with the vehicle. John also covers insightful testing strategies to check for proximity signals and test if they are transmitting correctly.

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