ZF Race Engineering in performance for Suspension

The foundation of chassis dynamics will be described. Different chassis angles, such as toe, caster and camber, and their impact at different settings will be explored. There will be a brief discussion of Kamm’s circle theory. To conclude, different suspension systems will be explained and the reasons why certain racing teams use one versus another. The performance shock absorber system will be explained, followed by reasons for an upside down solution. The various racing shock absorber systems will be demonstrated with their advantages and disadvantages. Rod damper technology will be discussed in detail to wrap up this module.

After completing this training, the participant will be able to:

  • List different performance clutches and different type of racing shock absorbers
  • Explain wheel alignment in performance vehicles
  • Differentiate between performance clutch and racing clutch
  • Describe Kamm’s circle theory and chassis angles such as toe, caster and camber
  • Explain the functionality of a performance shock absorber