ZF Race Engineering in Performance for Powertrain

Fundamental facts about the tasks and the functions of a clutch system will be defined. The next step will explain the physical foundations of a clutch, and how to calculate the transferable torque of the clutch. This knowledge is key to understanding the whole system and to help select a performance clutch system. The trainer will also talk about the functions and basic knowledge of the release system. The participants will examine pull and push type clutches.

The instructor will show which possibilities exist to modify a clutch system to achieve a higher torque flow. The difference between a performing clutch and a raising clutch will be demonstrated and how to configure both systems.

After completing this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Explain physical foundation of a clutch
  • Describe the calculation of transferrable torque
  • Explain the release system
  • Describe the differences between pull and push type clutches