ZF Powertrain and Clutch Diagnostics

All fundamental facts about the tasks and the functions of a clutch system will be defined. We will cover physical foundations of a clutch, specifically how to calculate the transferable torque of the clutch. This is the key to understanding the whole system, and to decrease mounting mistakes.

The trainer will also talk about the functions and basic knowledge of the release system. There will be a review of pull and push type clutches. The different clutch discs will be introduced to the audience as well as the torsional damping system and the cushion spring.
The participants will receive information about why a self-adjusting clutch exists and its functions. The main point is the installation of this clutch types.

After completing this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the Clutch operation of pull and push type
  • Explain the best Clutch diagnostics
  • Describe the Clutch release system
  • Explain how to install a clutch systems correctly