ZF Hybrid Transmission Technologies in Audi and BMW

The participant will gain full working knowledge of the 8 Speed Automatic Hybrid Transmission in Audi and BMW. Topics like torque flow, electric motor, clutch K0, Inverter and Batteries will be covered. The different hybrid concepts like Micro, Mild and Full Hybrid will be explained. The battery with the maintenance connector will be in detail discussed. The electric drive motor will be disassembled from the transmission bell housing and parts like the Rotor, Stator, Clutch K0 will be shown.

The greatest take away from the presentation is that the audience understands how the electric motor works and gets engaged as well as disengaged from the combustion engine. How the transmission shifts and how to read the specific shifting matrix will be thought. The presenter will explain what an adaptation is and how to read it with a general diagnostic tool. The participants will be introduced to different possibilities of oil change service.

After completing this training, the participant will be able to:

  • List internal components of the 8 Speed Automatic Hybrid transmission
  • Describe the function of the electro motor and clutch K0
  • Identify the torque flow of all gears
  • Explain the function of the maintenance connector
  • Describe differences between pressure regulators and solenoids
  • Identify the different characteristics of pressure regulators
  • Explain the shifting strategy of the 8 Speed Automatic Hybrid Transmission
  • Explain an oil change service procedure
  • Explain how to properly check the oil in the transmission
  • Describe the common failure of this Transmission