Our site is built with speed and security in mind.  In order to properly view online training, your device or desktop must meet these requirements:

Please update to the latest version of one of these browsers:

  • Google Chrome (auto-update by default)
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  • Microsoft IE11
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Supported Mobile Devices

  • iOS 8+ devices (including iPhone and iPad)
  • Android 4 devices (phones and tablets)
  • Windows Phone 8+ devices (phones and RT tablets)

Additionally, we rely on third parties to ensure a solid video streaming experience.  If you sit behind a corporate firewall, you will not be able to view OnDemand videos or HD Broadcasts unless you have the following domains whitelisted.  Please pass these to your IT department to have them added to your whitelist.

HD Broadcast (provided by UStream)

Follow directions on the following page:


OnDemand Videos (provided by Wistia)

Whitelist all these domains:

If you continue to have trouble, be sure you have an internet connection with low network congestion.  If you still cannot see the videos, please use the support tab at the bottom of this page – this will feed us data about your browser and give us the opportunity to ‘see what you see’.