Bosch Electrical Assessment Test



This test will determine how well you understand electrical principles and is a prerequisite for attendance to the Bosch Electrical Part 1 hands-on training program. A score of 80% or better is a passing score.

The test consists of 100 multiple choice, web-based, online questions. A score of 80% or better indicates you have mastered the topic and attendance to the Bosch Electrical Part 1 will be waived. Some questions will require the use of a calculator and/or scratch paper.

Automotive Electrical System: Students should have a good working knowledge of electrical component functions including diodes, resistors, solenoids, relays, etc. An understanding of automotive circuits utilizing diagrams and electrical components is necessary. Concepts that will be used include voltage drop, current flow and the use of Ohm’s law.

Battery, Charging and Starting Systems: Theory of system operation, individual component functions and diagnosing techniques will be covered in the test questions, which include the use of equipment, such as DVOM, scope and battery tester.

DIN Wiring Diagrams: The ability to understand electrical representation in DIN wiring diagrams, including the electrical symbols and components is also necessary.

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