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LBT-229 Intermittent Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Instructor Bill Fulton will go through more than 15 different intermittent problems that he has seen in his years of testing and diagnosing today’s cars. Each test case shows varieties of intermittent failures.

LBT-259 Catalyst Efficiency Diagnostics

This course on Catalyst Efficiency will help you understand the differences in catalytic converters and the related problems in those systems. It will give you a thorough understanding of all the emission codes related to catalytic efficiency and what causes them. 

LBT-275 Computer Engine Data Using Your AUTEL MaxiSYS

In this course, Ron Bilyeu takes you through the ins and outs of reading and understanding computer engine data and how to apply that data to real world diagnostics.

LBT-281 Making Money Servicing Hybrid Vehicles with Dave Hobbs

In this course, presented by Auto-Electric guru Dave Hobbs, basic Hybrid knowledge and service are addressed to give you the basic knowledge to start performing maintenance. We cover the different Hybrid vehicle types, how to quickly identify a hybrid and safety measures to make sure you don’t get harmed when fiddling around high voltage cables and battery packs.

LBT-282 Chrysler On-Board Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Bill uses a scan tool to show the different kind of information that can be pulled from each communications system from the global and enhanced sides of the OBD port.

LBT-287 6.7L Power Stroke Scorpion with Ron Bilyeu

In this course, instructor Ron Bilyeu covers the dynamic airflow into the complex air delivery system, the twin-inducer turbocharging system, the primary and secondary cooling systems and a plethora of selective catalyst enhancements.

LBT-293 Mastering the Module Flash by Dave Hobbs

Join instructor Dave Hobbs in this training program on mastering the module flash! Dave will cover the J2534 standard for module flashing, how to determine if your customer needs a flash, the tips and tricks for actually flashing a vehicle, and finally how to follow-up a successful flash.

LBT-295 Variable Valve Timing Ron Bilyeu

This is an advanced class that covers how to diagnose Variable Valve Timing issues in detail for Domestic & Asian vehicles. VVT codes can be confusing, and there are numerous issues that can be encountered when diagnosing these systems.

LBT-301 Mysteries Of Gasoline Direct Injection

This class covers A to Z on Gasoline Direct Injection. The Instructor dissects the mechanical and electrical components in this high-pressure fuel delivery system, explains the benefits and drawbacks and examines the differences in manufacturers.

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