LBT-106 Automatic Transmission Service Group Insights with Wayne Colonna



In today’s hi-tech automobiles, each of the components of the PowerTrain have a great effect on each other. With the world of sensors being shared, a bad ground or power supply can wreak havoc with the entire system. AVI can help save you hours of diagnostic time by providing you with information on troublesome problems affecting transmission performance that may not be caused by a transmission component.

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Wayne Colonna, President of ATSG tells you what you need to know by providing you with 52 specific complaint-cause-and-correlation examples in the classic ATSG format. This course covers issues like torque converter clutch, vehicle speed signal, ground related issues, electrical, drivability, transfer case and computer software issues.

This kind of training typically can only be found at an ATSG seminar. AVI gives you the opportunity to get this valuable, time saving information without having to travel.

  • Odds with an End – Lots of Valuable Tips
  • Manufacturer and Model Specific Problems and Fixes
  • Includes a Detailed 132 Page Manual

Runtime: 2 Hours
Manual Included

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 3 x 12 in


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