EV Motor and Generator STEM Activity Kit


This product includes:

  • 10 Sets of Motor/Generators
  • 10 Copies of Student Workbooks
  • 1 Instructor Guide
  • Sturdy Case

Learning resources:

  • Power Point Slide Deck
  • Video Presentation
  • Digital Copies of the Student Workbook
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Turn your classroom into a STEM laboratory!

This kit provides the foundation of hybrid and electric vehicle technology with ten sets of parts that can be configured a variety of ways to create an electric motor or generator. Students will discover how electricity drives the motor with battery power and also how such a motor might generate electricity when used in reverse. Kits come with student worksheets listing the activities and challenges that will demonstrate the principles of magnetism, electric generators, and gear reduction. This hands-on experience will reveal the spark that drives our digital lives.

With electricity driving most of our lives, not to mention some of our cars, the EV Motor and Generator STEM Activity Kit can provide days of valuable education for students of all ages! The kit includes a sturdy case for all components.

This product is very popular, please allow 90 days for delivery. Order your kits today!

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