Delphi Training Series: MAF and the Modern Tech


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ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – Mass Air Flow Sensors (MAF) have been with us for decades, helping engine management systems know the precise volume and density of air the engine is breathing to provide the right fuel injector spray and correct spark timing. Faulty MAF sensors often set a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) but that’s not always the case, leading to excess frustration in the service bay. In this one-hour Live Cast training program, veteran Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs will show:

  • The design and operation of the most common MAF sensors
  • Predictable failure with MAF sensors and the drivability symptoms that can result
  • Diagnostic strategies for technicians at every level of technical ability
    • Creating default modes by bypassing suspect MAF sensors
    • Using advanced features within most scan tools to verify a faulty MAF
    • Using a digital multi meter (DMM) in MAF diagnostics
    • Using a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) to catch intermittent MAF glitches
  • Dos and Don’ts regarding MAF cleaning and replacement
  • Sorting out MAF problems from actual engine breathing problems using ANY scan tool and a simple volumetric efficiency (VE) calculator

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