MACS_LS-52B MACS 2017 Mobile A/C Update Manual


MACS 2017 Mobile A/C Update Manual

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MACS Manual Topics Include:

  • VW Smart A/C Pressure Sensors
  • Same Root Problem, Different symptoms
  • The Best Approach to A/C Electrical & Electronic Diagnostics
  • Sensors and Switches: There IS a Difference
  • R-1234yf Recycling Machine Buying Guidance
  • A Few A/C Shorts
  • Should You say Goodbye to that “RULE OF THUMB” on Condenser temperature Drop testing?  (and the Reasons Everything’s Changed)
  • The Repair Part You Can’t Get
  • Update on Refrigerant Regulations, R-1234yf, CO2 and MACS Section 609 Certification

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Online or Printed Manual

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