LS-43 Current Probe Diagnostics


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 ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM– Interpreting lab scope patterns using your low amp clamp will allow you to quickly pin point your diagnostics when it comes to engine driveability issues. Engine outputs all have something in common; a coil of wire. Think about the composition from the rear bumper to the front bumper on any late model vehicle of all the relays, motors, solenoids, and sensors. The best way to dynamically test these is current ramping. To make your shop more profitable, test don’t guess.

Topics Covered:

  • Testing fuel pump rush-in current
  • Testing fuel pump speed
  • Interpreting fuel pump patterns to reveal bad brush to armature contact
  • Dynamic amperage waveform testing on both the 2 wire Ignition Coil and the 3 wire Ignition coil
  • Pinpoint the moment at which the computer turns on the switching transistor
  • Find the defined opening and closing points of a solenoid
  • Observe injector pulse width

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 12 in
Online or DVD

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