LBT-394 Improving Your Road Test Procedures for Fuel Trim Diagnostics


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Are you making the best use of your road tests for diagnostics? Join us to discover a procedure that has been proven to work on no-code and code diagnostics to determine the PCM fuel control for driveability issues.

This proven four-step procedure, when added to the roadtest, will greatly help as your first step in the diagnostic process for engine performance.

Course Objectives:

  • Validating Fuel Trim Control
  • When to use the Enhanced Side of the scan tool or OBD2 side
  • Evaluating sensors inputs
  • Why use this as a starting point in all diagnostics
  • How to use the similar conditions window
  • Determine Rear o2 Fuel Trim
  • How to read Freeze Frame and Drive Cycles

You are already doing roadtests, so why not make the best use of your time?

Runtime: 133 minutes
Manual coming soon

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