Hybrid Electric Cutaway Training Aid

This training aid comes with a year subscription of curriculum. It includes slide deck with instructor notes, videos, worksheets, test questions and answers. Curriculum will be updated yearly.

Cutaway Trainer includes:

  • Fully functional vehicle
  • Labeled EV Components
  • Inverter, motor generator and inert battery pack off vehicle for hands on training exercises
  • Remote control faults & student worksheets

ASE Accredited Provider


AVI's Hybrid Electric Cutaway Vehicle Trainer is a fully operational vehicle developed for static and active training scenarios.  Included with the trainer are secondary, de-energized high voltage components including an additional battery, inverter, and motor generator for introductory practical exercises. The cutaway trainer's cutting-edge features and curriculum have made the lives of automotive students and technicians  much easier by providing a product that can be used to teach HEV concepts found on many modern vehicles.


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This Training Aid includes the following courseware:

  • Electricity Fundamentals
  • EV / Hybrid Safety
  • HV Battery Technologies
  • Regenerative Braking
  • EV Cooling Systems

The trainer also comes with remote-control faults, instructional slide decks and student worksheets.