LBT-441 Service Advisor: What Customers Care About Most


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In all reality, we can all agree to the fact that some folks are just not worthy of our time and in fact can truly get in the way of profitability to our operations. In this AVI course for Service Advisors, Frank Leutz presents a step-by-step procedure to keep customers from getting in the way of profitability and when it is absolutely ok to “fire” them after ensuring we have done everything to get them to the “value” promised land first.

Topics Covered:

  • How to create a feedback process to improve team performance with consumers.
  • Examine marketing messages to make sure key elements of your business plan is included.
  • How positive service practice behaviors attract the best type of client for an automotive service business.
  • Soft sell methods that retain your consumer base.
  • Identifying positive and negative types of customers
  • Creating value without training clients on discounted prices
  • Strategies to keep profits stable
  • How to create the expectation upfront of service process to avoid miscommunication later.
  • Using the correct terminology to communicate with your customers
  • Reasons to FIRE a customer

Runtime= 68 minutes

Study Hours= 1.25

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