LBT-391 Advanced Fuel Pump Diagnostics


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3-Phase Brushless (BLDC) Fuel Pumps

This advanced-level class, presented by Dave Hobbs, covers in detail diagnostic procedures for 3-phase brushless (BLDC) fuel pumps. Dave explains why OEs are moving toward 3-phase fuel pumps, gives specific differences between various OE pumps, how to determine whether the technician is dealing with a conventional or 3-phase pump, voltage drops, current draws, inspecting and cleaning the fuel tank, and how to do an alcohol quick check.

This presentation will give the interested technician the information and skills required to troubleshoot and repair today’s advanced fuel pump systems correctly.

Topics Covered:

  • Basics of fuel pump operation
  • Testing fuel quality
  • Diagnosing electrical issues
  • Testing using both pressure and volume
  • Applying lab scope techniques to fuel pump diagnostics
  • Fuel pump ramping
  • Typical specifications of fuel pumps
  • Practical exercises and case studies

Runtime: 160 minutes

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