LBT-381 Light Duty Diesel Problems and Solutions


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Compared to the mid-90s, diesel vehicles have made a serious comeback. The increase in popularity is largely the result of a steady string of advancements and improvements to the diesel engine. New engine designs, noise- and vibration-damping technologies, and improvements like electronic engine control have spawned a new generation of engines that are more powerful and 30-35% more fuel efficient than similar-size gasoline engines, all while running quieter and smoother than diesel engines of the past. Cold-weather starting has been improved. Noise levels are down. Reliability has been improved. Tail pipe emissions are down. Most importantly, horsepower and torque are up significantly! Many of today’s diesel engines that come as an option in the medium-duty trucks are now advertising over 800ft-lbs of torque. Those numbers were unheard of 20 years ago.

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