LBT-363 Toyota Brands: Critical Scan Tool Analysis


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ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST– Longtime AVI instructor Bill Fulton focuses this scan tool course on Toyota systems. Bill shows you how to quickly analyze data to get to the root of systematic issues, including using Global and Enhanced data to get your diagnostics started fast. O2 sensors, fuel trim data, MAF issues and more are discussed in several case studies regarding specific trouble codes.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Explain the Advantages of Using Global and Enhanced Scan Tool Data to Begin Diagnostics
  • Interpret Proper Air/Fuel Ratios During Scan Tool Analysis
  • Identify Differences between O2 Sensor Voltage and Milliamp Readings
  • Explain the Diagnostic Advantage of Increasing/Decreasing Injector On Time with a Scan Tool
  • Describe Mass Air Flow Sensor Pattern Failure Diagnostic Procedures
  • Utilize Toyota IGT and IGF Ignition Signals for Diagnostic Purposes
  • And much more!

Runtime: 123 minutes

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