LBT-353 SMP Keeping It Cool – Extended


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ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST-Troubleshooting automotive air conditioning systems can be trickier than many technicians think, especially after replacing a third compressor. In this program, presented by Standard Motor Products director of Training Ryan Kooiman shows step-by-step procedures and a few tricks and tips to help technicians repair A/C systems right the first time. Several case studies are also featured.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Explain The Different Components of Automotive MVAC Systems And Their Functions
  • Describe Common Causes Of Failures Of Each MVAC Component
  • Identify When To Flush And When To Replace Components
  • Explain Proper MVAC Testing Procedures
  • Describe Differences Between R-134a And R-1234yf MVAC Systems

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