Hybrid Specification and Maintenance Guide


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This Hybrid Vehicle Spec Guide contains hard to find specs for 1998-2010 Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler hybrid vehicles. This book has you covered with 12 years worth of hybrid specs and info so you can get the information you need to fix these cars quickly.

This guide contains a thorough Safety Precautions section providing info on proper glove usage and care, meter specs and high voltage safety info.

Information for each manufacturer is split into sections with VIN ID info as well as engine ID info.  Vehicle specific safety precautions regarding airbags, high voltage, battery disconnect, and the fuel system. Various torque specs are presented, along with timing info, belt diagrams, A/C specs and maintenance intervals. It also provides thorough explanation of the lubricant capacities of the engine, automatic transmission, manual transmission, transfer case, and differential and cooling system. The spec guide goes into detail on brake specs including drum & motor minimum thickness, pad thickness.

450 pages

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