Hybrid/Electric Hands-On Workshop

In this hands on workshop, learn diagnostic and repair techniques for working with Hybrid/Electric vehicles.

Topics include: Safety fundamentals and testing procedures, wiring schematics, hybrid/EV configurations and components, safety, regenerative braking, EV cooling systems, scan tool diagnostics and much more.



ASE Accredited Provider


Hybrid Vehicle Technology

Suitable Audience: A & B Technicians, Shop Foreman, Shop Owners/Managers, Service Advisors, Parts Professionals & Vocational Instructors

Course Description: This course will give an in-depth view and discuss the proper safety procedures when handling hybrid vehicle high voltage circuits. The required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), along with the proper applications and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and specialty tools required for Hybrid service. This course will cover the various types of hybrid drive systems utilized in the automotive & industrial industry as well as their infrastructure, design, operation, service needs, along with the common areas of failure or wear.

The description and operation sections of this hybrid vehicle focused course will include: the hybrid drive-train components used in multiple systems, inverter functions and internal subsystems, converter systems, motor types along with their power modes, air conditioning system designs, cooling systems for the components. Diagnostic procedures and proper tool usage will be covered in depth as the electronic testing tools required for these vehicles are different from those commonly used in shops at this time.

Participants will be heavily engrossed with hands-on activities focusing on the proper diagnostics and testing of high voltage systems such as: the high voltage battery connections and conditioning, high voltage management and analytics, battery diagnostics, motor/generator insulation testing, interlock circuits & vehicle auxiliary systems involved in hybrid vehicle design. These activities are conducted utilizing the proper high voltage-rated equipment along with our award winning, fully driving hybrid cutaway vehicle and training aids. Giving participants the access to the tools, knowledge and confidence needed to become a hybrid vehicle professional.

Course Objectives:

  • Recognize the Personal Protection Equipment needed and understand the correct procedures and applications
  • Identify different hybrid system platforms along with their components and functions
  • Understand proper vehicle shutdown and High Voltage disabling procedures
  • Execute the proper hybrid vehicle diagnostics
  • Evaluate high voltage battery technology and their components
  • Demonstrate high voltage component testing, removal, and replacement


Training Activities: Hands-On Live Vehicle, Hands-On Training aids & Access to System Components

Course Accredited Hours: