eSCAN ELITE QUICKLY diagnoses tough drivability problems!

A one of a kind driveablity scan tool with built in Bluetooth. Featuring the Sharpshooter toolbox.

ASE Accredited Provider


All scantools display DTCs and allow you to view PID Data. Most tools just suck out data and spit it raw, onto the scanner screen. They ignore valuable clues that help fix cars. That's because they just don't have eSCAN ELITE SharpshooterTM diagnostic tool box, an entire set of built-in assistants that search and interpret data. eSCAN ELITE is like a diagnostic compass that points you in the right diagnostic direction. For your convenience, eSCAN ELITE is available with corded or wireless Bluetooth interface that avoids needless cables and shop clutter. Order your eSCAN ELITE and start fixing cars faster—today!

Kit Contents

eSCAN ELITE User Interface

6ft USB Cable

USB Bluetooth Adapter

eSCAN ELITE USB Program Card

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in