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Multimeters operation can occasionally be confusing to even the best techs. You’ve may have used Fluke meters in your shop over the years such as the Fluke 80 series but how familiar are you with ALL the buttons and features in your meter? There may be some functions of your meter you’re not even aware of. In this segment instructor Dave Hobbs runs through the list of meters included in this program and gives you a close look at “buttonology.” Even if you don’t own Fluke products, this program may give you some good tips for maximizing the meter in your toolbox.

We first look at the Fluke 87 III Series. It’s been around for years and was even the essential factory mandated meter by many OEM dealers. Most techs know how to access their meter’s auto ranging feature but did you know what the triangle symbol on a Fluke 87 does? Its called “Relative Delta” but how does it help you? How do you get the functions such as capacitance test to work? Did you know how to make the meter display a higher degree of accuracy when measuring resistance? Dave explains some function button operations (the blue button) that may have been hiding from even the most seasoned Fluke 87 users.

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