Delphi Technologies Training Series: Making Sense of Sensors


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ASE Accredited Provider


ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST–Delphi Technologies will help the advanced automotive service technician “make sense of sensors” in this informative training program on vehicle electronics.  Senior Delphi Technologies instructor Dave Hobbs will cover sensor diagnostics with a meter and scan tool both on the bench and on the vehicle to help you go behind the DTC trouble tree when encountering difficult sensor problems!

  • We’ll Discuss Different Types of Sensors
    • Temperature Sensors
      • Dual curve ECT sensors AND the new switching dual curve ECT sensors
    • Rotational Sensors
      • CKP, CMP, SAS (Steering Angle) and WSS (Wheel Speed Sensors)
    • MAF Sensors
      • Checking MAF accuracy with VE Testing
    • Pressure Sensors
      • MAP & Baro Sensor Correlation
    • Knock Sensors
      • Tuned and Wide Band
  • We’ll Demonstrate Advanced Sensor Diagnostics
    • How to test a knock sensor on the engine or on the bench
    • How to verify a default from a real sensor value on a scan tool
    • How to put sensors into “Dead Bands” to test wiring and ECUs
    • ECU pull up resistors / how sensor voltage divider networks work
    • Multiple 5-volt reference circuit equipped vehicles
    • How to perform voltage drop tests on low current sensor circuits
    • Advanced diagnostics for multiple sensor DTCs using vehicle schematics

This course will assist the professional service technician to

  • Understand some of the more common types of sensors used in automotive systems today
    • Increase their knowledge beyond simply reading sensor values on a scan tool
    • Better utilize their DMM (Digital Multimeter) when a DTC doesn’t lead to a solution
    • Master the use of complex schematics in solving multiple sensor DTCs