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In today’s world, comfort is the luxury that many people will pay to maintain, and nothing provides more comfort to your customers than their vehicle’s air conditioner.  Staying on top of new information and standards, and troubleshooting an a/c unit in some of today’s cars can be more than confusing but worth it to keep your customers happy and coming back. This is an updated air conditioning class on what’s different on the TXV systems. These tests procedures are universal for most of the vehicles you are working on today.

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This is why AVI brings you this video showing how to reliably diagnose and fix TXV (thermostatic expansion valve) climate control problems with a breakdown of system operations and control, a repeatable and reliable test procedure, and hands-on examples.  Mark DeKoster is a professor at Ferris State University, and his teaching style is easy to follow and understand with in-depth graphic elements to keep you up-to-date in the world of climate control.

Don’t be left out in the cold when it gets too hot.  Get Advanced Climate Control with Mark DeKoster so you and your techs can properly serve your customers in the summer, so they’ll come back in the winter.

  • Ford specific, but with tips that can be used on any make or model
  • Hands-on with Ford IDS System or with OTC scan tool
  • No old school wire piercing—how to use non-intrusive testing procedures
  • Tips on using dyes and reading wiring schematics that will save you time and aggravation
  • Tech tips on seven possible electrical problems to watch out for
  • Repeatable and reliable scan tool test procedures—using self-tests
  • The big advantage of running a performance test
  • How to use Ford’s symptom based diagnostics when there are no DTCs
  • Understanding electrical systems and components
  • Lots of real-world case studies
  • And much more!

Runtime: 1.2 hours
Manual Included

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