European Diagnostics



What do you need to know when performing diagnostics on a EURO vehicle? Making your job easier, learn to use the platform and engine designations to access the data information. Learn to use OBD2 code setting criteria to determine how a code sets and how to make sense of DIN wiring diagrams. What is the VW Data Blocks?

Why the EURO vehicles use Additive and Multiplicative instead of Long-Term and Short-Term Fuel Trim will be covered. Also, why sometimes you will need more than one scan tool.

Topics covered:

  • Scan Tool Types & Set-Up
  • New Names to Learn
  • Diagnostics Tips on the Big Three VAG/BMW/Mercedes Benz
  • European vs. Domestic Fuel Trim
  • DIN wiring diagrams
  • The type of engine management systems (Bosch Siemens)

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, the participant will:

  • Thoroughly understand the European approach to diagnostics and basic principles
  • Understand VW Data Blocks
  • Locate additional information to help to set up the scan tool for diagnostics


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