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The AVI Management Bundle includes the following:

  • Social Media: Be Where They Are
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Becky Witt Tips Bundle (4 Classes)
  • Generation Z: Understanding the Newcomers
  • & an automatic 1 year premium membership to Automotive Management Network


LBT-343 Generation Z: Understanding the Newcomers

This course will offer a brief review of previous generation’s characteristics with an in depth look at generation Z.  Sara Fraser will share her knowledge on attracting these customers and employees.

LBT-345 Social Media: Be Where They Are

This course is will introduce you to social media and explain the importance of why your business needs to be visible there.

LBT-346 Dealing With Difficult Customers

It is a tough job to be helpful and provide great customer service when a guest is confrontational, unreasonable or over demanding. Let’s not overlook the impact on your store’s profits.

LBT-348 Becky Witt Tips – Customer Service

In this fun filled class, Becky Witt covers a series of customer service and management tips to help streamline your automotive shop.

LBT-349 Becky Witt Tips – Shop Management

In this class, Becky Witt enlightens us with a series of quick tips to help the shop owner better understand that there are many ways to control operations in the automotive shop.

LBT-350 Becky Witt Tips – Policies

In this class Becky Witt shares her best ideas on shop management.

LBT-351 Becky Witt Tips – Service Consultant

In this class Becky Witt offers management training that helps you through difficult situations.

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Automotive Management Network Membership

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