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2019 AVI Insider Membership

The 2019 AVI Insider Membership is a 1 year subscription that will give you access to 12 featured courses; one new piece of content each month, including HD Broadcasts! Also, from now to the end of 2019, your shop will receive up to 20% off other AVI courses. Courses in this bundle are all premium AVI content designed for the professional technician and/or service writer. Each class comes with a Post Test and Certificate of Completion.  This limited time bundle offer is a $1,300 value on sale for a one-time investment of $250.00.

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AVI Triple Play

GENERATION Z: UNDERSTANDING THE NEWCOMERS presented by Sara Fraser This course will offer a brief review of previous generation’s characteristics with an in depth look at generation Z.  Sara Fraser will share her knowledge on attracting these customers and employees.  She will cover differences in communication and relationships and help you learn how to change […]

LBT-342 Reprogramming and Flashing

This course will cover j2534 programming and OEM programming. Also, the different types of pitfalls you may encounter when going through the reprogramming process.

LBT-343 Generation Z: Understanding the Newcomers

This course will offer a brief review of previous generation’s characteristics with an in depth look at generation Z.  Sara Fraser will share her knowledge on attracting these customers and employees.

LBT-344 Euro Wiring Diagrams

This class will help unravel the mysterious format in the EURO DIN wiring diagrams! We will cover Tips and Techniques to trace that circuit across the many pages that are common in this type of wiring diagram, allowing you to have a road map to get a handle on the problem.

LBT-347 Top EPA Trouble Codes

Every quarter of every year, the EPA releases a list of the top trouble codes regarding emission related issues. Instructor John Forro discusses the most recent list of codes, and the possible fixes for them. A great class for all technicians and critical for technicians with state mandated emissions tests.

LBT-353 SMP Keeping It Cool – Extended

In this program, presented by Standard Motor Products director of Training Ryan Kooiman shows step-by-step procedures and a few tricks and tips to help technicians repair A/C systems right the first time. Several case studies are also featured.

LBT-363 Toyota Brands: Critical Scan Tool Analysis

Longtime AVI instructor Bill Fulton focuses this scan tool course on Toyota systems. Bill shows you how to quickly analyze data to get to the root of systematic issues, including using Global and Enhanced data to get your diagnostics started fast. O2 sensors, fuel trim data, MAF issues and more are discussed in several case studies regarding specific trouble codes.

LBT-365 Bosch Start/Stop Technology: System Diagnostics

In this program we will dig deeper into the three different voltage stabilization designs, featured on Stop/Start vehicles, specifically looking at the components involved and analyzing the wiring schematics.

Bosch Advanced Climate Control Systems – Best Recommended Practices

The days of simple air conditioning and heating repairs are long gone, which means the strategy for diagnosing these systems need to change. Today’s climate control systems are fully integrated, using a complex vehicle network, with shared modules, sensors and actuators. The answer for the customers concern could be a simple sensor failure or a […]

LBT-355 Fixing What The Vehicles Immune System Can’t

Using your scan tool and labscope to accurately decipher engine PIDS, mechanical issues, fuel issues and ignition issues.  Instructor John Forro will show the students how to get the most out of your diagnostic process to get to the root of drivability issue without spending needless time performing many diagnostic tests. Topics covered: Career Evolution […]

LBT-356 ZF Suspension Systems

ZF/TRW chassis systems are present in every second car on our planet. This shows the large OE business what TRW is representing. During this class you will get an in depth look into TRW chassis technology on a Ford F150, starting with the foundations of chassis dynamics and different axle systems like MacPherson and Multi-link suspension systems.

LBT-370 NASTF Cyber Security

Cyber security is in the news, all the time. And with today’s vehicles having a huge amount of digital connectivity not only internally between modules and components, but externally via wi-fi and navigation systems, the chance for “hacking” is all to real. Cyber security expert and NASTF Executive Director Donny Seyfer shows you to be […]

LBT-373 Bosch Why High Pressure Pumps Fail

This program will give you the knowledge to understand what influences the high pressure to make high pressure. Test procedures beyond the manufactures steps. 

LBT-376 Best of Hybrids

In this AVI course, instructor Dave Hobbs covers the need-to-know areas of hybrid repair. Everything from the different types of hybrids you’ll encounter to how to make the most money repairing hybrids is included in this very concise course. Topics Covered: Hybrid Vehicle Components How To Perform A High Voltage Disconnect How To Retrieve And […]

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