2018 AVI Insider Membership



2018 AVI Insider Membership

The 2018 AVI Insider Membership will give you lifetime access to 12 featured courses; one new piece of content each month, including HD Broadcasts! Also, from now to the end of 2018, your shop will receive up to 20% off other AVI courses. Courses in this bundle are all premium AVI content designed for the professional technician and/or service writer. Each class comes with a Post Test and Certificate of Completion.  This limited time bundle offer is a $1,300 value on sale for a one-time investment of $250.00.



LBT-313 Labscope Diagnostics Version 3.0

AVI instructor Bill Fulton updates his labscope diagnostic strategies with new case studies focusing on compression waveforms. Even those technicians who have been using their labscopes for years will acquire new tips and techniques for quicker and more accurate engine diagnostics.

LBT-318 Power Up Your Power Stroke Skills – 6.7L

During this video presentation there will be visuals of the engine, the components and use of the scan tool. Diagnostic issues will be discussed. An example of a no start scenario will be shown using Ford service information. This will stress the need to use service information in repair and diagnosis.

LBT-319 What You Need To Know About Lean P-Code Conditions

This class, taught by Ron Bilyeu, covers some of the most popular Diagnostic Trouble Codes that technicians face every day, P0174 and P0171 Lean Conditions. We cover any and all with case studies from a variety of makes and models.  There will never be a code P0171/P0174 that will blindside you again!

LBT-323 Electrical Troubleshooting and Schematic Based Diagnostics

This HD Broadcast event from Bill Fulton will cover electrical troubleshooting and schematic based diagnostics.

LBT-325 GM Gasoline Direct Injection Systems with Variable Valve Timing Equipped Engines

In this course Bill Fulton will be covering high side and low side fuel systems, the injector drive circuit, current ramping the fuel pump and individual cylinder fuel control.

LBT-328 Mastering the Variables of Variable Displacement

Variable displacement is here to stay, and in this course from the Delphi Technologies Training Series, instructor Dave Hobbs will discuss the similarities and differences between the manufacturers and how they approach variable displacement technology.

LBT-332 Modern Chassis Technology

The foundations of chassis dynamics are reviewed. Details of how the chassis angles, such as toe, caster and camber, are influenced with different settings. Concluding with a short summary of Kamm’s circle.

LBT-333 Controller Area Network (C.A.N.) Overview

After attending this course, the student will have a thorough understanding of the two common types of networking systems used on vehicles today and understanding how to diagnose those issues.

LBT-334 Diagnostic Mindset

What if we took a different approach?  An approach that consists of viewing a handful of PID’s on our scan tool to determine in which system listed above the problem originates.  That is exactly what this program does. 

LBT-335 Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems: Repair Opportunities for the Service Provider

In this session we will discuss the various components such as cameras, radars, blind spot detection modules, and park assist sensors and review service opportunities and procedures for the aftermarket. 

LS-6 Intermittent Misfire Detection Strategies with Bill Fulton

Long-time AVI instructor Bill Fulton brings you a live, steaming course on how to attack these flaky, intermittent faults step-by-step.


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