Bosch Electrical Circuit Interactive Exercise

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Are you ready to test your electrical circuit knowledge and diagnostic skills? This course is designed to challenge your mind and provide a fun interactive way to measure your electrical diagnostic skills. The course will begin with simple series circuit questions and gradually get more complex. You will need to solve each schematic question before moving on to the next schematic. There is no time limit and you can reset the quiz question as many times as you need, to complete the challenge. You may want to have a scratch pad and maybe even a calculator handy to help compute the answers.

The image above shows the basic configuration of the animation. The DVOM is available to help answer the question. Click on the desired DVOM measurement function to begin circuit testing. Click on the blue boxes to move the test leads. Once in position the DVOM will display the circuit and/or component values. Once you know the answer, click on the VIEW THE LESSON QUIZ button below the schematic to answer the quiz question.

The image above shows the question layout. Select your answer by clicking the circle next to value you believe is correct. Click on the COMPLETE QUIZ button to check your answer. If your answer is correct, the box at the top will congratulate you and allow you to move on to the next lesson. If your answer is not correct, the box at the top will indicate “Your grade is 0%”, which means you have more work to do. Below the quiz buttons you will see “Back to: Electrical Animation xx” select the blue highlighted text to return to the animation, for additional review of the circuit. Once you have the answer, click on the VIEW THE LESSON QUIZ button. At this point you need to click on the RESET QUIZ button to reset the quiz question and select the correct answer.

Hopefully at this point you have answered the question correctly and you’re ready for the next challenge. If not, don’t get discourage, the program is designed to help you learn while you take the challenge. At this point you might want to dig-up one of your electrical training manuals or ask one of your colleagues for support. One more option is to review the online program LS-37 Essential Skills for Electrical Diagnostics

Time to get started, good luck and have fun.

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