Bosch: MAP Sensor Theory and Diagnosis Program


ASE Accredited Provider


This is the first in a series of educational programs designed to teach what you have to know about a specific sensor or actuator. The program is broken into sections, which can be viewed one after the other or you can pick a video that is relevant to your current needs, watch the video for reference and get back to working on the vehicle. This first program is a comprehensive look into the theory, operation and diagnosis of Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensors, which is a critical engine management sensor. We encourage you to take the pre-test to see what you know about MAP sensors. The goal of the program is two fold; first, providing comprehensive start to finish education and second, providing a resource that can be used to refresh your memory when you get stuck. We look forward to hearing how this program helps you fix vehicles in the field. Please send feedback to Enjoy the program.

Online Only
Runtime: 2.36 hours