ATS Tools: iEA Intelligent Engine Analyzer


iEA – a comprehensive pressure transducer kit with software for misfire detection.

For owners of an ATS eSCOPE. iEA kit does not include eSCOPE.

ASE Accredited Provider


Camshaft timing off by one tooth?

That’s a very difficult challenge that will take hours of your time to prove. What if we told you that you could tell if the camshaft timing is off by as little as one tooth, in as little as five minutes. You would think we were CRAZY…. Well, we aren’t! Our iEA – Intelligent Engine Analyzer uses advanced technology to check the pressure changes in the cylinders THROUGH THE SPARK PLUG HOLE!

INCREDIBLE? We think so.

Got a random misfire code, miss-identified misfire code, or no code at all, and the vehicle is misfiring? Another very difficult challenge that will take hours of your time to figure out. Our iEA shows you which cylinder or cylinders are missing through the exhaust tailpipe and then checks the mechanical condition of the cylinder through the spark plug hole in just minutes! ATS’ revolutionary iEA software automatically identifies problems and alerts the technician; saving hours of diagnostic time.

View large, colorful, razor-sharp waveforms on your hi-res PC display. No laptop? No problem. We’ll load the iEAonto a customized, shop-tough laptop, and ship you the works, ready to roll. Just fire it up and go.

Just look what the iEA can do for You!

  • Quickly identifies camshaft timing problems through the spark plug hole.
  • Quickly identifies misfiring cylinders from the exhaust tailpipe.
  • Finds problem cylinders and identifies them quickly.
  • Misfire counters provide information on which cylinders misfired and counts how many times the misfire occurred.
  • Will alert you to a bank misfire, random misfire, or individual misfire.
  • Checks cranking, intake and exhaust pressure pulsation confirming mechanical condition of engine quickly.
  • Checks restricted exhaust system.
  • Checks ignition timing.
  • Chosen one of the TOP 20 TOOLS of 2008 by Motor Magazine and one of the TOP 10 TOOLS of 2008 by Undercar Digest!
  • Converts pressure transducer voltage to actual pressure or vacuum readings
  • Powers up and reads up to four Pressure Transducers at one time.
  • Can be used in conjunction with all ATS diagnostic equipment.
  • Free software updates!
  • Free technical support!

Kit Contents

  • 14mm Compression Tester Adapter
  • 18mm Compression Tester Adapter
  • Pressure Transducer Cables
  • Phono Jack to Phono Jack Cable
  • Exhaust Tail Pipe Hose
  • iEA Amplifier patented
  • iEA Spark Tester with RF Filter
  • iEA Exhaust Sensor
  • -30hg Vacuum Transducer
  • 300psi Transducer
  • 500psi Transducer
  • 3/8in Hose Adapter
  • 1/4in Hose Adapter
  • Quick Connect Coupler
  • iEA USB Program Card

The latest versions of the ATS SOFTWARE UPDATES require Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer (through current Windows 10).  The latest updates will not work on Windows XP or Windows 7 prior to Windows 7 Service Pack 1!