The eTRAINER JR hands on training simulator will cover the operation and testing of basic to advanced electronic circuits.

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The modern vehicle is loaded with advanced electronic control systems. In order to repair these modern marvels students will need an in-depth understanding of electronics down to the circuit level. The eTrainer JR hands on training simulator will cover the operation and testing of basic to advanced electronic circuits.  This training tool provides your students with a complete step by step course that will enable them to understand what the voltage measuring instrument is conveying. The training will cover the use of a voltmeter, ammeter, amp clamp and oscilloscope. After completing this training students will obtain an in-depth understanding of the automotive electrical and electronic systems, and how to quickly diagnose these systems on the modern vehicle.

Training Topics Include:

  • Series Circuit Testing
  • Parallel Circuit Testing
  • Series-Parallel Circuit Testing
  • Lamp Circuit
  • Motor Relay Circuit
  • Throttle position Sensor Circuit
  • Engine Coolant Sensor Circuit
  • Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit
  • Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit
  • ​Fuel Injector Circuit
  • Ignition Coil Circuit
  • Oxygen Sensor Circuit
  • Crankshaft to Camshaft (Crank Angle Space) Circuit
  • Front O2 to Rear O2 Catalytic Converter Testing

Fault Block

17 Fault Blocks (included) allow the student to install and remove failures with the flick of a switch. Fault Blocks can be installed anywhere there is a metal jumper. Hundreds of faults can be installed during the course of training.

Language is the key to understanding what is happening around you.

Imagine being in a foreign country but not knowing how to speak the language of that land. Now, imagine being given your task in this land; to gather data and then make an informed decision based on this information. Not very many of us are that adventurous and would cringe at the thought of this situation. However, this is what many of us do every day. Many modern automotive technicians approach a vehicle not understanding the language, or data, that the vehicle is communicating with. After checking systems and gathering data, the modern technician is going to make a decision on what is wrong with the vehicle. But if the information is not understood or is misinterpreted altogether, then this decision might be incorrect. Now, imagine you are working on a modern vehicle and can understand the language that it is speaking. This language is electrical energy, changing amplitude (voltage) over time. Just like learning to read a written language, letters join together to convey useful information. In this electrical language, changes in voltage will convey useful information. The question at hand is how does one obtain and then analyze this information? The key to unlocking this electrical language is the oscilloscope. An oscilloscope is a device that displays voltage amplitude over time, thus creating a visual display or graph that is commonly referred to as a waveform. These electrical waveforms carry information or data that is needed in diagnosing a vehicle. Each of these waveforms contains unique information about the electrical circuits which affect the operation of the vehicle’s systems. But what do these electrical impulses have to communicate or tell you? The ETRAINER JR engine simulator will show how to interpret these electrical words, and how to speak the language of electronics. This language contains electric principals that one must understand in order to diagnose and repair modern vehicles.

Kit Contents:

  • Fault Blocks
  • Power Supply
  • Manual