ASE T- Series Bundle – Educator

$1,195.00 for 1 year

ASE Accredited Provider



This Bundle includes the following courses:

  • ASE-L2 Medium/Heavy Vehicle Electronic Diesel Engine Specialist
  • ASE-T1 Medium/Heavy Duty Gasoline Engines
  • ASE-T2 Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Engines
  • ASE-T3 Medium/Heavy Duty Drivetrain
  • ASE-T4 Medium/Heavy Duty Brakes
  • ASE-T5 Medium/Heavy Duty Suspension & Steering
  • ASE-T6 Medium/Heavy Duty Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • ASE-T7 Medium/Heavy Duty Heating and Air Conditioning
  • ASE-T8 Medium/Heavy Duty Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI)


ASE-L2 Medium/Heavy Vehicle Electronic Diesel Engine Specialist

The L2 test is engineered to measure a technician’s knowledge of the skills needed to diagnose sophisticated engine performance problems on computer-controlled diesel engines. This course on Medium/Heavy Vehicle Electronic […]

ASE-T1 Gasoline Engines

AVI instructor Ron Bilyeu will guide you into passing the ASE T-1:  Gasoline Engines for Medium and Heavy Truck Technicians. Ron will cover the subjects that comprise the ASE T-1 […]

ASE-T2 Medium/Heavy Diesel Engines

The ASE T2 Medium/Heavy Diesel Engines Test Preparation contains tips on preparing for and successfully passing the Diesel Mechanic Certification exam.  The topics discussed in the ASE T2 study guide […]

ASE-T3 Drivetrain

This course, “ASE T3 Test Preparation: Medium/Heavy Truck Drivetrain,” presents an overview of medium (class 4-5) and heavy-duty (class 7-8) vehicle systems, including clutch, transmission, driveshaft, universal joint, and drive […]

ASE-T4 Medium/Heavy Duty Brakes

The ASE Test Prep class covers in detail the Extensive Air Brake System, Hydraulic System, Drum Brake, Disc Brake, Parking Brake, Power Assist Unit, Anti-Lock Brake/Automatic Traction Control Systems, and […]

ASE-T5 Medium/Heavy Truck Suspension & Steering

Included in this edition of ASE-T5 Suspension & Steering Test Prep course are details on Steering System Diagnosis And Repair; Suspension System Diagnosis And Repair; Wheel Alignment Diagnosis, Adjustment And […]

ASE-T6 Medium Duty Heavy Duty Electrical and Electronic Systems

The ASE-T6 certification course is a comprehensive presentation by some of the top electrical technicians in the world from Bosch, Midtronics and Delphi. It is designed to train you how […]

ASE-T7 Medium/Heavy Truck Service Heating and Air Conditioning

The ASE-T7 certification program insures you have a full understanding on the topic of Truck Refrigeration System, Heating System, Engine Cooling System, and Manual and Automatic Control System diagnostic information, […]

ASE-T8 Medium/Heavy Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI)

This ASE T8 certification course provides a detailed explanation of all the topics that will help you successfully pass the ASE T8 certification exam.  T8 Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI) Study […]