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New A/C Diagnostic Strategies

This course will cover R-1234yf systems, along with advanced procedures and tools for maintenance. Also covered will be A/C system diagnostics using scan tools, pressure gauges, reclaimers/recyclers, leak detection equipment and thermal imaging cameras.

Topics Covered:

  • A/C System Evolution
  • R-1234yf and Legacy Refrigerants
  • Leak Detection Options
  • A/C Diagnostics Using Thermal Imaging
  • New Uses for Scan Tools in Basic A/C Diagnostics
  • Advanced Pressure Gauge Usage
  • New A/C components such as plastic pressure lines and “line in line”

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participant will be able to:

  • Define Methods to Perform Accurate Leak Detection on R-1234yf systems
  • Explain the Pressure Relationships Between Older and New refrigerants
  • Describe New A/C Line Styles
  • Understand New Methods to Replace Schrader Valves

Runtime = 59 minutes
Credit Hours = 1.5

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