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Broadcast Date: February 27, 2019
Broadcast times: 10:00am, 12:00pm, & 2:00pm EST

presented by Sara Fraser – Broadcast Times: 10 am, 12pm, 2pm EST

This course will offer a brief review of previous generation’s characteristics with an in depth look at generation Z.  Sara Fraser will share her knowledge on attracting these customers and employees.  She will cover differences in communication and relationships and help you learn how to change your approach when managing, mentoring, and coaching this generation.  We will focus on what has shaped this generation and how very different they are from their predecessor the Millennial. Generation Z currently makes up 25% of our population making them a larger cohort than the baby boomers or millennials!

At the end of this session this student will be able to:

  • Identify the age ranges that make up Generation Z
  • Identify the characteristics of Generation Z
  • Identify the differences between Generation Z and millennials
  • Have and understanding of how to work with and sell to Generation Z
  • Understand the environment that shaped Generation Z
  • Have a better understanding of what is important to Generation Z
  • Obtain an understanding of why this generation is going to be so important in the workplace as our future employees and customers

Runtime: 53 mins

presented by Jim Wilson – Broadcast Times: 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm EST

You got a Euro car as your next job with an electrical problem. Pulling up the wiring diagrams and you can’t make heads or tail of it. Has this frustration ever happened to you?

This class will help unravel the mysterious format in the EURO DIN wiring diagrams.

We will cover Tips and Techniques to trace that circuit across the many pages common in this type of wiring diagram, allowing you to have a roadmap to get a handle on the problem. In this class the student will be introduced to the aspects of the DIN wiring diagram structures

When completed they should have a basic understanding of:

  • Determining the Current trac path and follow the circuit between pages
  • Identify wiring color and sizes
  • Find key information on commonly used symbols and information
  • Reference Components Identification symbols
  • Navigate the different wiring diagrams to find components, grounds, and power

Runtime: 47 mins

presented by John Forro – Broadcast Times: 11:48 am, 1:48 pm, 3:48 pm EST

Every quarter of every year, the EPA releases a list of the top trouble codes regarding emission related issues. Instructor John Forro discusses the most recent list of codes, and the possible fixes for them. A great class for all technicians and critical for technicians with state mandated emissions tests.

Trouble Codes Covered Include:

  • PO420: Bank 1 Catalyst Below Threshold
  • PO171: Bank 1 Too Lean
  • PO455: Gross EVAP Leak
  • PO442: Small EVAP Leak
  • PO440: EVAP Malfunction
  • PO141: Bank 1 Sensor 2 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction
  • PO128: Coolant Thermostat Out Of Range
  • PO174: Bank 2 System Lean

Runtime: 12 mins

**individual course access will be granted after broadcast date (02/27/2019).

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