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Carlson: How to Stop Brake Noise

Don’t miss this popular video from expert mechanic Chris Fix.  In it, he gives the Top 5 reasons disc and drum brakes make noise and then gives clear di ...

Carlson: Results of New Brake Clip Studies

Learn why installing new brake hardware improves braking performance and how much it decreases brake noise.  Research shows old brake clips are out of spe ...

Dorman University: Water Outlets

This training module will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. It will test your knowledge on a range of topics including: Overview of Dorman's ...

Philips Automotive Lighting History & Product Portfolio


This product contains 5 courses in the Philips Training Portfolio. you will learn about the history of Philips lighting, lighting for the aftermarket, different bulb technologies and types, LED lighting and bulb replacement.


Wegmann: Perfect Equipment – Wheel Balance Training Series

Welcome to the Perfect Equipment Wheel Balance Training Series. This lesson plan will teach you the basics of wheel balance, including what wheel imbalance ...

Product Knowledge

Tenneco: Walker Le Direct Fit Opportunity

Tenneco Walker Le Direct Fit Opportunity This course will take approximately 180 minutes and cannot be resumed.

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Eastern Catalytic: Is the Warranty on CARB Converters Different Than EPA?

Is the warranty on California CARB converters different than the warranty on Federal EPA converters?

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